Crisis = Opportunity

Clarify finances, reduce costs & check realignment

Crisis = Opportunity

Clarify finances, reduce costs & check realignment

Take the right action in the current crisis

No matter what your corporate planning for the next years was, preparing for a global pandemic was probably not part of the plan. Corona hits companies to the core. Speed and flexibility are required. It is important to react quickly and well-thought-out on the basis of a emergency plan crucial. Use your future opportunities with strategic and operational changes. With us you can think systematically and in a structured way about products, services, markets, employees and finances. How can business, value creation and supply chain processes be designed to be resource-efficient, robust and future-oriented?

We support and accompany board members, managing directors and executives with energetic and proven experts, experienced crisis managers, organizational developers and communication professionals. Individually tailored to your needs.

We offer the following packages:

1 Thinking out of the box

We’re available for brainstorming with lateral thinker function. The initial step, quickly and inexpensively, in a video conference. We offer to brainstorm with you about new products and services, markets, communication and sales channels to support the success of your business. For your operational processes consideration of new technologies, processes, automation and digitalisation as well as new forms of organisation which enable resource efficiency and competitiveness.
Target: Collect ideas, filter and follow up

2 Develop the company further

  • Status quo analysis, strategic new direction, business model development
  • Emergency scenario planning
  • Cost reduction etc. with our operations experts

Target: Clearer plan for course corrections and change measures

3 Digitise companies

  • Digital employee management (switching to remote work)
  • Adaptation of communication plans and road maps with our experts
  • Introduction and use of digital tools

Target: Future proofing digitalisation of process flows

Take advantage of a brainstorming session with our consultants and bring clarity to your questions with an opinion from outside.

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